Sunday Post #73 and Stacking the Shelves October 23rd, 2016

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.   Saturday was my birthday!  And since I ended up  having a free weekend, I had time to do a Sunday post this week.  Family issues on one side of my family meant not doing anything with them this weekend. Then the other side of my family was all out of town.  So Saturday was a “me” day for sure!  I got up and drove to a bakery across town that makes the best sugar cookies with icing on them.  The two bakeries I like close by me were already booked when I called to get my favorite type of birthday cake. So this year I had cookies!  Then I went to a Dollar Tree over on that side of town (looking for $1 books!), and also to a Half Price Books store that I haven’t been to before.  Neither had a lot that I wanted, and I was pretty disappointed in the HPB, but the cookies are delicious!  I also went this afternoon to play with a bunch of dachshunds, and the house had a fenced yard, so I took my two dogs to get to play outside.  Just to make your mouth water, here is a picture of  my cookies:

It was also one of my dogs, Argyle’s birthday this past week.  Here he is with his “cookie” from Go Pet Go.


Last week on the blog:

I only did one post a day this week.  Yay for me!  I’m cutting back a bit, again, to try to get ready for November and NaNoWriMo.  Plus, the school year is picking up in the library, and it’s been pretty busy, no time for posting and commenting, etc.  And even though I was trying to get caught up on all the books I have sitting waiting for reviews, I am going ahead and reviewing more at one time, but just scheduling ahead with them to fill in days in November.

Coming up this week on the blog:

  • Promo posts:  Spells and Sorcery (Lexie Carrigan Chronicles #1) by S. Usher Evans
  • Reviews:  Wait for You by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and One King‘s Way (On Dublin Street #6.5) by Samantha Young (audiobook)
  • Waiting on Wednesday
  • Possible reviews:  Forgiving Lies by Molly McAdams, Free/Cheap ebook mini-reviews, The One Real Thing by Samantha Young (audiobook)
  • Maybe Top 10 Tuesday – Top 10 scariest covers?

This will be a busy week with Parent Teacher conferences, but I only work next Saturday, at our big Harry Potter event at the bookstore.  And it is the last full week before NaNoWriMo, I need to get as organized and ready to go as possible!  I’m also behind on my Blog Ahead Challenge, I only have like 6 or 7 posts done.  Not sure if I’ll get all the way up to 30 posts, but that needs to be done this week.  The Walking Dead comes back tonight.  I’m going to be so upset if they don’t kill the person who dies in the comics.  As much as I like that character, sometimes you have to kill them off to keep the story going close to the original comic storyline.  I haven’t walked since before I went to New Orleans.  Not sure when I’ll get back to it, again, want to get writing done.    

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.
 It is a way for us to share the new books we have collected. I didn’t do too bad with physical books this week, although I did do some Half Price Bookstore and Dollar Tree shopping.

Physical books:

The first book I found at the one Half Price Books I went to on Saturday, back in the clearance section for $2!!! And it’s in good condition, at least as far as I can tell.  I’ve already listened to it on audiobook, but I liked it, so need to own it.  The second book was at the Dollar Tree for $1.  The last two books were in my October package from my OTSP Secret Sister.  I have been waiting on the final Slayer Chronicles book forever, so that was an awesome gift!  And I am a huge fan of Jonathan Maberry, and this was a book I missed out on getting the last time I went to BEA, 2014, thanks to an  issue with my sister while I was in NYC visiting her.


 The first book is from Netgalley, the rest are from Edelweiss.
 Free or cheap e-books:
All of the books above were free, except for the last one, That One Moment, which my OTSP  Secret Sister sent me for my birthday!
  This one was 99 cents, but I totally now see why everyone has been making a fuss over this one.  It is so good!  I will probably be buying the next two books when I can!

That's what I added to my shelves this week.  How about you?

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34 responses to “Sunday Post #73 and Stacking the Shelves October 23rd, 2016

  1. Happy birthday! I love the birthday cookies and the dog cookie! I think my dog would lose her mind over a cookie like that! So cute! Great haul this week. Sorry Half Price Books wasn't any better. Have a great week!

    • The funny thing is he only ate half of his cookie! The other dog ate all the white frosting stuff off of her cookie. There are other HPB stores in town that are better. Not that I need more books. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I am also preparing for NaNoWriMo and I want to do as much ahead of time to clear the way for writing in November. I love all the books you got! I am trying to stop getting more books until December, then I will start looking for moe books to read. Have a great week.

    • That's a good goal to slow down on the books till after December. Of course, my employee appreciation days comes at the end of November, so that will probably be when I start buying again. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Happy birthday! The cookies look so good. I think I might go raid my pantry after this. 🙂 Looks like you had a great book haul this week! Enjoy!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

    • The cookies are so good. Of course I have a dozen cookies to eat all by myself. 🙂 And I keep getting too many ebooks. Oh well, they're free! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Happy birthday! And to your dog too! 🙂 Those cookies look good… and good luck with NaNoWriMo, hard to believe it's that time again already.

    I'm kinda going with that person too on The Walking Dead, or one or tw others I have theories about! If it's anyone else I may be upset lol!

  5. We must've seen the same post about the sale for Paper Princess 😉 You started it already?!?! YAY!!! Yep, I'll probably be buying the other ones, too…

    Happy Birthday!!!!! I love those sugar cookies!! Frosted sugar cookies are my fave! And what a great way to celebrate, shopping for cheap books! BTW, your dachshund is soooo cute. I love those dogs. They are soooo loving!!!

    Have a great week!!!

    • Oh my gosh, Paper Princess is soooooooo good! You have to start it now! 🙂 I could barely put it down and am speeding through book 2! Frosted sugar cookies are the best! I love my little dogs! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  6. Happy Birthday to you and your dog! Your cookies look so amazing. Sometimes it's nice to just have a "me" day. Sorry your Half Price Books trip didn't yield many books though. I always love seeing what books the Dollar Tree has as well. You can get some good finds there sometimes!

    I'm thinking of doing NanoWriMo. A friend of mine just learned about it and we keep telling ourselves we need to write more, so I think she wants to do it and I might try and do it along with her. Even if I don't "win", it will be good to get back into the writing groove a bit more.


    • It was a nice day. I'm thinking to make it a tradition for myself! You should totally try NaNoWriMo. Even if you don't "win", it definitely gets you writing more, and thinking about it more. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I am pretty upset after watching The Waling Dead last night. I kinda knew who it would be, but both was unexpected. I also really hate seeing Rick like that, it broke my heart about Carl. Poor kid!
    I am glad to see you doing NaNoWriMo this year.

    • I was surprised about both of them. But I guess according to my friend who has read the comics, the other one was supposed to have died already, the way the doctor woman did earlier with the arrow through his eye. But yeah, it was so hard to watch Rick like that. Hoping that I complete NaNo this year. Thanks for visiting!

  8. Happy Birthday! Those cookies look delicious! I'm looking forward to your review on Wait for You. I haven't read it, but I did read the sequel and didn't love it. I've been eyeing Inked Armor for a while now, but I just have never picked it up yet. Have a great week! 🙂

    • Wait for You was pretty good. I need to read the sequel though. I got Inked Armor, but I guess there is a book before it? Wondering if I need to read it first or not. Thanks for visiting!

  9. How did I not know that Saturday was your birthday? You never filled out my birthday/blogoversary form? Or did I miss it somehow?! Anyway, I'm sorry you had a pretty solitary birthday, but I'm glad you at least got yummy cookies. Hope you get everything you're wishing for this year!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    • I must not have filled out your form! Oops! 🙂 I actually didn't know you had a form. I'll have to go find it on your site. It was solitary, but good in its own way. I'm thinking I want to do the same next year. Thanks for visiting!

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