Sunday Post #38 and Stacking the Shelves October 11th, 2015

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Last week on the blog:

I got one post done each day. Didn’t get as much reading as I wanted done last week though, even if I did still get at least two reviews posted.  Need to get back on track!   I am still on track with my Blog Ahead, as of yesterday I have one post scheduled from November 1st on for each day of October, still need to do one today.  For preparing for NaNoWriMo, I met with my writing partner both last Sunday and today, and I’ve gotten several prompts written.  Hoping that will be helpful since I’m not having a easy of a time with doing an outline this time.  I’ve also really started using my Facebook page for my blog more.  Hope to get that going in a more interactive way eventually.  My Fit Blogger goals, well, nothing done this week.

 This week on the blog:

  • Caretaker’s Guide to Fablehaven by Brandon Mull Spotlight Post
  • October New Release Giveaway starts Wednesday
  • Interview Post for Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall
  • Cover Characteristic:  TVs
  • Review:  The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow
  • Possible Reviews:  The Devil and Winnie Flynn by Micol Ostow and David Ostow, The Anatomy of Curiosity by Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton, and Brenna Yovanoff.

I started a new audiobook yesterday, Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor, but I’m not sure I’m enjoying the narrator.  Yes, I know the characters are from Prague, and yes they would have an accent if I listened to them talk. But the narrator doing the fake accent in the audio book really makes it hard for me to listen to it.  So I may have to do a different audio book. And that is going to be very important as a goal I’ve set for myself this week is to get back to walking.  I mean I’m now paying for the Planet Fitness membershp, and yes it’s a good price, but only if I’m using it.  So I must make sure to get my exercise clothes packed and ready to take to work with me every day this week.  But it also means I need a good audio book to listen to while I’m on the treadmill.  

I really want to go see The Martian this week.  I didn’t end up going last Tuesday night like I’d planned, as I felt too broke to go. But I really am going to try to go this week, because I want to see it so bad!  I’ve also decided that I think I’m going to go to the NOLA Story-Con next September.  I think I’ve given up on being able to save money to go to the annual ALA convention in Orlando next summer.  As much as I want to go, I just think it might be unrealistic for me to save as much money as Orlando will cost. Especially since if I go, I will HAVE to go to the Harry Potter park at Universal, and that won’t be cheap.  So I’m going to go ahead and purchase a VIP ticket for the NOLA Story-Con when they go on sale this month and make that my plan.  My friend said I could stay in his condo again, and then I’ll just have to figure out a cheap airplane ticket, or see if I can convince my brother to get me another plane ticket with all his miles.  

I pretty much have writing dates set up with my friend every Sunday this month in prep for NanNoWriMo, and then our November writing dates will be much more frequent!  I’ve also still been keeping up with my Instagram October Book Challenge.  I really, really, really want to actually go a whole month without just stopping. 

 Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.
 It is a way for us to share the new books we have collected.  It’s a pretty big pile of physical books this week!   It was a much smaller week, purchase-wise, in that I didn’t buy anything, hooray!

Physical books:

 I got this as a strip cover from the bookstore where I work.  I’ve wanted to read this since I first saw it on Netgalley or Edelweiss, and then was turned down to read the egalley, but I’d really enjoyed another book by the author.  The 2nd one I won from the YA Scavenger Hunt!  I was so excited to get the email that I’d won it after I didn’t get all the groups entered in time.  

Free e-books:

 The very last book I realized I’d already downloaded and owned from Kindle, but oh well, different cover, Nook book.  I’ll get to it.  I know that some of them are not free anymore, but I got them from both Amazon and Nook, so you’d have to check to see what they were now.
No e-galleys this week.  Which is good since I have got to slow down and am now even not getting to all the ones I’ve requested.  One of my goals next year.  
So, what books did you add to your shelves this week? 


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35 responses to “Sunday Post #38 and Stacking the Shelves October 11th, 2015

  1. Wow, you are really on top of Blog Ahead. That's awesome. I am…failing at that one. haha I'm hoping to get a some things scheduled out tonight for November, but I also need to schedule things for October so yeah, I'll do what I can. haah


    • Well, I was on top. I'm now a day behind because I didn't get a post done yesterday! But I'll just have to catch up today I guess. Like you I have things to get done for October also, so can't fall behind on those either. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great job on Blog Ahead! I'm trying to get all my memes done ahead of time but so far I haven't really done more than mean too. You cleaned up on Kindle books this week! Hope you enjoy them and have a great week!

    • I have most of the November memes done, so now I have to find other things in November to plan ahead, or else go on with December memes as well. There were some great free ebooks this week! At least I hope they're good. Thanks for visiting!

  3. I like that Cover Characterisitc meme, that looks fun. The Nancy Drew cover was cool, I like some of those ND and Hardy Boys covers. Good stuff.

    Have a great week!

    • See, I hadn't heard much about it when I entered the giveaway, so now I'm extremely excited to have won it after hearing all this love for it on this post! Thanks for stopping by!

    • I can't believe how much love Lark Rising is getting today! I'd not really heard of it before the YA Scavenger Hunt, so now I'm so excited that I won it! Thanks for visiting!

    • Got a day behind yesterday for Blog Ahead, but plan to get caught back up tonight. Hoping to go to the movies tomorrow night, although my friend I'd planned to go with is now saying she can't go, so I may have to go alone. And I'm okay with that!

  4. I'd love to go to Orlando, but I wouldn't have the money or the baggage allowance! I'd want to see Disney, Harry Potter, Seaworld, Universal, the Space Center, day trip to Tampa, and so on. I'd need six cases to bring back the stuff I buy and about a month there to see everything! Urk. Why couldn't they build Harry Potter in Scotland???!!!

    • Yeah, I really want to go to Orlando, so bad! And I want to go to ALA, but I think maybe the two together might not be a possible amount I can save for at the same time. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Your book haul looks like it will provide you with a lot of great reading time. I want to see The Martian, too, even though I haven't read the book. The movie looks great! 🙂
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal – Impartial, Straightforward Fiction Book Reviews

    • Well, lots to read, don't know about the time. 🙂 I figure I'll go see the movie, then read the book, that way the movie won't disappoint me. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

    • Well, it looks like from the comments above that Lark Rising is a popular book! Of course I'm going to probably put it in my school library for the students to read first. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I really want to see The MArtian as well, but I doubt I will make it to the theatre. I listened to book three of Laini's series and I struggled with it, I think it is a series best read as there is so much going on. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  7. I really want to see The Martian too. Don't think my husband does so blah will have to wait for the DVD. Awesome new reads and freebies, hope you enjoy them!

  8. Great haul! I am impressed about your plans for the foreseeable future! I have never finished a month of bookstagram, so good for you! And I do hope that all your travel plans work out too! It is so stressful to try to coordinate everything on a budget, ugh! And I hope you enjoy The Martian, I keep telling myself I need to wait so I can read the book first 😉
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    • So far I've only missed one day, and it was because I wasn't sure what book to pick for it. But I'm back on track and going to try my hardest to keep going! I bought my ticket for the NOLA StoryCon the day they went on sale, so now I just have to make sure I can get a plane ticket and the place I want to stay. I went ahead and saw the movie, I loved it! Of course I do love Matt Damon, so that could have been it. 🙂 I still want to read the book too though. Thanks for visiting!

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