Review: The Storm (The Rain #2) by Virginia Bergin (September Sequel Challenge #4)

Posted October 1, 2015 by Lisa Mandina in / 10 Comments

First, thanks to Sourcebooks Fire and Edelweiss for allowing me to read an e-galley of this title.  I had been keeping an eye out for this as soon as I knew there would be a sequel to the first book, H2O which I loved.  You can read my review of that first book HERE, if you don’t want to have anything spoiled by reading this review.

This one picks up pretty much right about where the last one left off.  It’s about 3 months after the rain first came and started killing everyone.  She wasn’t able to stay at the military base with Darius Spratt because she wasn’t considered useful or essential.  Plus, she got back to her house and saw a note from her dad that he was going to be coming back. So she stayed there waiting for him.  Until finally she gave up.  Well, right about that same time one of her friends shows up at her house.  Ruby finds out that there might be things going on at the military base that aren’t as great as they seem.  Like maybe they’re testing on people.  They decide to go looking for Ruby’s dad and younger brother.  Their search takes them back to many places they’d been before.  One of the places was basically a party, and when they get there, things get a little weirder than before. At one point her friend falls into the water, and the only thing they know to do is chop off her foot.  But then Ruby thinks the only thing to do is take her to the army camp for medical attention.  Once they get back, things change.  Ruby does something that makes her of interest to the scientists there, even as she finds out they are really doing something to the kids.  She has a reunion with Darius, at least until the scientists find something about her may be immune to the rain.  After she is tested, and poked, and prodded, to the point where she just doesn’t care anymore, she escapes  And then she runs to her grandmother’s house, and finally finds her father.  The family reunion won’t be quite what she had hoped for or expected, although her father will be just the way she remembered him.  She will have to try to stay hidden from the military, as they want whatever it is about her that might be a cure. 

It is this that we will end the story with, at least trying to know where the world can go with what they know about Ruby and her immunity.  And she will have to determine who in her family she can still be with.  And what does Darius have over her, is she really attracted to this nerd that she would never have been seen with before this all began?

I still enjoyed Ruby’s narrative.  I really feel like her banter is just like a teenager.  It’s told just like a diary might be done in real life, at least to me.  A great sequel to the first book, and definitely a recommended read!

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10 responses to “Review: The Storm (The Rain #2) by Virginia Bergin (September Sequel Challenge #4)

  1. Oh God, killer rain? chopping off a friend's foot for falling in water? Yikes! I seriously need to start this series. It seems really interesting. Thanks for your honest review.

    • Yep, I really liked H2O. So was glad to get to read this one! In fact as soon as I found out there was a sequel I started emailing the publisher to ask about getting an advanced copy of this one to read.

  2. I have never heard of this series before. Although this sounds very different than what I usually read, your review makes me want to start at book #1 and work my way through the series..

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