Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Authors I Own the Most Books From

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Top Ten Tuesday is sponsored by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week’s theme:

Who are the 10 authors that I own the most books from?

I will list these kind of in order, as I get to number 1, it will be the author I have the most from, whereas at number 10 will be ones that I have less.  I have some authors that have a whole shelf all to themselves, and I have double stacked in those cases as well, because otherwise, they might need almost a whole bookcase to themselves.  The bottom 5 are ones that I might be off by one or two books in how many I think I have.  I tried to remember how many I had by them and tried to look on the shelves, but it is always possible that they are loaned out to someone at the moment.  And there could be other authors that I just didn’t think of off the top of my head that could belong in my bottom five of the top 10.  And if I have my picture with that author, I will share!  And for the top 3 or 4, I have pictures of their shelves.

10.   James Rollins – I believe I have about 10 of his books. 

9.  Robert McCammon – I think I have about 11 from what I could see on the shelf.

8.  Lemony Snicket – I have 14 of his books I think.  13 for sure in The Series of Unfortunate Events.  I have missed out on meeting him both times I’ve been at BEA.  

7.  Anne Rice – I have at least 15 of her books.

6.  Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins – I have to combine these two because I have 16 books that the two of them collaborated on in the Left Behind series and prequels.  I’m also excited they’re going to do another movie based on the book, even as much as I do love Kirk Cameron, the first movies made were kind of cheesy, and definitely low budget.

5.  Because they are written by lots of different authors, I will put them below the top 4, even though I probably have more, which you can see in the picture below, but I am going to count all the Buffy the Vampire Slayer books as one of the top 10, as many of them were written by some of the same authors: Nancy Holder, Christopher Golden, and Mel Odom to name a few.  I met Nancy Holder at the RT Convention in 2013, but forgot to have my friend take my picture with her.  So I will share a picture below of me with two characters from the tv show, Xander and Glory.


4.  Stephen King - A whole shelf for him of course.  I've yet to meet him. Although I have argued on some political topics with his son Joe Hill on Twitter, before I stopped following him.

3.  Carolyn Keene is listed on the books as the author of the Nancy Drew series, even though we now know they were actually written by several ghost writers.  But I have over 20 Nancy Drew books. They don't have a shelf at the moment as I believe I have them boxed up. 2.  Dean Koontz - One of my very favorite authors.  What I wouldn't give for the chance to meet him some day!  The way he writes dogs in his books shows me that he and I have the same love and respect for dogs.  His are Golden Retrievers, while mine are Dachshunds.
1.  And my number one author is one that is again not all written by her, as she died quite a while ago.  But they take up probably a whole shelf, and because they are so small, there are more there than any of my other authors, and that is V.C. Andrews.
So, those are my authors that I own the most books by.  Do you have any books by these authors?  Would any of them be in your top 10?

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15 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Authors I Own the Most Books From

    • Thanks! I quit buying new V.C. Andrews books a few years ago when I just couldn't take all the same formula over and over. But I went with them for a long time! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I know I'm in the minority but I've only read one or two V.C. Andrews and I've never read Stephen King! Definitely need to change that though I'll make sure any Andrews I pick up are actually by her. Great list!

    • Well, actually, from what I read recently, none of the VC Andrews books were actually published by her, they were all published after her death I think. And possibly edited, etc., by her family members at first. But I'm sure the Flowers in the Attic series, the Heaven series, and probably My Sweet Audrina were the ones she had really started from what I've heard. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have read The Series Of Unfortunate Events but I borrowed it from the library. I have never read anything by Stephen King though I'm planning to read The Green Mile soon. Good list 🙂

  3. I wanted to write more about your list but I forgot what I was going to say and died a little when I saw your Buffy collection and that you had met Nicholas Brendon. So so so jealous of you haha.

    • It was a local Comic-Con, and it cost like $50 to get my picture with them, but it was totally worth it! The book collection is from working at a bookstore and constantly looking to find any books and order them in that I didn't have. Eventually I got to a point when they were all out of print. 🙁 I know there are several I could never find. But if I went to a used book store, who knows if I'd recognize which I had read yet with as many as I've already read. Thanks for visiting!

    • bless you, I live in London so the comic cons we get over her don't really have anyone from my TV shows that I love. They all seem to stick in america :(.
      I get obsessive with books so don't worry about it 😛

      you are welcome 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Gahhh Stephen King is my favorite author and I'm so glad you featured him on your list! I actually own only one or maybe two of his books because my mom has them all so I always just snatch them from her shelves. haha but they really are the best! and Buffy is my favorite show! I am so jealous you met Xander and Glory! That must have been awesome! Great post 😀

    • Many of the Stephen King books were my mom's at one time, but I'm kind of the one that keeps them on the shelf, so I get them after we've both read them. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. +JMJ+

    My grandmother used to have a lot of Stephen King books, but she sold them all in a garage sale some time ago. Since I started reading him thanks to her copies, I should have bought them off her myself . . . and had I done so, he might have made my Tenner this week!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. =)

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