Waiting on Wednesday – The One Where I Whine About Possible Lost Mail

Posted January 23, 2014 by Lisa Mandina in / 22 Comments

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine where we spotlight upcoming releases that we’re eagerly awaiting.  This week I’m stepping out of the normal box for this meme.  I’m very sad at the moment, as it seems two books that I traded for on YA Book Exchange may not be making it to me.  And I’m not blaming the people I traded with at all.  I’m thinking maybe someone is stealing packages from my front step or maybe the mailbox.  So, I know that my fellow bloggers and book lovers will understand my sadness as I share below the books that I was supposed to receive, and haven’t.

I had exchanged one of my books for an ARC of The 5th Wave.  I’d even decided to forgo my decision to not trade with someone out of the country again after how long it took last time.  Almost 4 months last time!  It’s been that long again, and it still hasn’t arrived.  Now, it’s coming from Sri Lanka, and with the holidays during the 4 months this time, I have hope that maybe it is still floating around somewhere on its way.  But I’m beginning to wonder after the book below fiasco, if maybe this one isn’t coming either.
This is another ARC that I traded for.  And I sent a book that I would have kept, but since it wasn’t autographed and I didn’t have the others in the series I went ahead and made the trade.  This one came from Ohio, and I live in Missouri.  And it had a tracking number, that I started keeping track of towards the end of last week.  So I was happy to see that it was supposed to be delivered on Saturday, but when I got home from running errands, it was nowhere to be found.  My mom said that one time she’d seen a tracking number say delivered, but then it didn’t actually arrive till the next day.  Well, with Saturday, that meant it wouldn’t come the next day, Sunday, and then Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so I had to wait till Tuesday.  And then, still no package.  Today I decided if it wasn’t there when I got home, I wasn’t even going to go inside my house, I’d drive straight to the post office and see what I could find out.  They were pretty nice about it, went and checked by my address, then the tracking number, and finally they took my name and phone number, and said they’d check with my carrier and see if they could remember anything, like where they’d put it, etc.  So, I’m still hoping that maybe it will be found, maybe in the truck underneath something?
Thinking about it being stolen, I would think that anyone around here who took it, wouldn’t be too excited about books, and I just wish they’d bring it back.  I wouldn’t care as long as I just got my books.  So that’s my sob story for my WOW this week.  Sorry mine is such a downer, just knew I could rely on my fellow book lovers to understand.

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22 responses to “Waiting on Wednesday – The One Where I Whine About Possible Lost Mail

    • I've heard so many good things about The 5th Wave, and I could have purchased it for 50% off at Christmas time at the bookstore where I work, but I thought this was coming in the mail. I hope I do still get them.

  1. It really would be awful if someone was stealing packages from you! I hope that it's just a misunderstanding and they turn up soon! I haven't read either of the books but I've heard good things about both so hopefully you'll get to read them soon.

  2. Big boo! It sucks so much that your books are lost (or possibly stolen), it's such an awesome feeling to get new books nd then this happens! So heartbreaking but in my history, I've had books that I've thought were lost (8 weeks or so) and then by God's grace they miraculously made it to me!

    So don't let your hope die! And thanks for coming by my blog (:

    • I do still have hope for the one book, but the other, the one with a tracking number that said it was delivered? Can't imagine that it will turn up. Thanks for stopping by!

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