Brooke (Under the Never Sky 2.5) by Veronica Rossi

December 20, 2013 Uncategorized 4

Well, I feel like I’ve not been doing as many reviews as I should be, but I know I’ve been reading constantly.  But when some of them don’t come out until next year, and I have to wait 30 days before they are published to post my review, it means that some weeks even though I’ve finished a book, I can’t post a review of it that week.  I actually intended to read and review A Death Struck Year e-galley that I have, but for some reason, I can’t find it on my Nook.  And at the time I planned to start, I was away from my home computer, and so was unable to try to see why I didn’t have it.  So I had to choose something else on my Nook to read, and since I’d just finished Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky 2) by Veronica Rossi, I decided to go ahead and read on in the story.  Well unfortunately I can’t post my review of Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky 3) until the end of December, which would have left me with only one book review this week.  Which made me decide to go ahead and read the e-novella of the story about the character Brook in order to get a  2nd review done this week. 
Now, this was another good story.  The only problem being that I’m not a fan of Brooke.  Even though I did understand her a little bit better when I read the prequel e-novella, Roar And Liv, a while ago, she still isn’t a fan of Aria’s.  For good reason, Perry was kind of Brooke’s before he met Aria.  The e-novella Brooke basically starts up at the very end of book 2.  Since I’d already started book 3, I knew a bit of what was going on for this.  But now we see it all from Brooke’s point of view.  And again, it makes you a bit more sympathetic to her plight.  As I said in my review of book 2, or somewhere, I kind of hope that Brooke will end up with Soren, but who knows. After reading her own story, she may still end up with one of her own tribe members, and that would be okay. 
While this story isn’t definitely needed to make the series complete, it is a very good complement to the overall story and character development.  And I recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed the books.  Now, to go finish book 3, so that I can move on to some other books that could be reviewed sooner.

4 Responses to “Brooke (Under the Never Sky 2.5) by Veronica Rossi”

  1. Pili

    I truly enjoyed this novella, I wasn't a fan of Brooke at all, but now I can understand her better and I do hope she can find some happiness of her own and can help her sister get better!
    Good luck with your reading, Lisa & Happy Holidays!

  2. Pamela D

    I appreciate your frustration! I end up reading ARCs way before their deadlines too, and then I end up scrambling for book reviews to post on my blog! 🙂

    • Lisa Mandina

      That's where I"m at right now! Of course come time when those reviews are posting, I'll have a good number of reviews that week. Thanks for stopping by!

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