November is for Novellas Challenge #10: Neverfall (Everneath 1.5) by Brodi Ashton

Posted November 27, 2013 by Lisa Mandina in / 6 Comments

This is one of my favorite novellas of all that I’ve read so far this month.  Not only are we getting a look at the first book, and some of the 2nd book, from Cole’s point of view, we also get almost a whole other storyline, that I’m eager to see if it carries on into the 3rd book.

This story tells Cole’s side of his first meeting with Nikki.  We get to see her true, or as he calls it, “epic” love, from his eyes.  What he sees is quite a bit different from what we see through Nikki’s eyes.  The story kind of jumps all over the place, not in a confusing way, but it isn’t like we follow a storyline straight through. There are lots of times we jump back to that first night when they met.  And Cole is thinking he wants to take over and rule the Everneath, something that can only be done by a Forfeit that survives the Feed like she does.  Since she chose Jack at the end of the first book over him, he decides he must find out what makes the ones who survive different.  So he even goes to the dangerous Delphines to get some answers.  And in doing so, he kind of goes back on his deal with them, and is thrown into their prison.  While in the prison he realizes he doesn’t want just a girl like Nikki, he wants her, he loves her, he can’t live without her.
Again I have to say this was a really awesome story.  While it did definitely depend on the original story, it also was quite a story on its own.  I’m now really eager to read the 3rd book to find out what happens next, and if Cole’s little time in the dungeon and what he learned there will carry over into the story.

Let’s see, there are only 4 days left, but if you want to join into my November is for Novellas Challenge, that would only be one novella a day, I think you could do it!

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6 responses to “November is for Novellas Challenge #10: Neverfall (Everneath 1.5) by Brodi Ashton

  1. I agree that this story was very interesting and it was great to help with the wait! I liked Cole more after this one, but still…
    Book 3 can't come soon enough!

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