November is for Novellas Challenge #3 and #4: Dress Your Marines in White (Monument 14 #0.5) and Jake and the Other Girl (Monument 14 #1.5) by Emmy Laybourne

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These are two e-books I’ve had on my e-reader since I first found them available.  I’ve read both books that are out in the Monument 14 series, and so these fit perfectly in.  And like the last two, these also were pretty good.  The first one more than the second, but both were useful stories to the series.  Or not useful, because they weren’t necessarily “needed.”  But, they weren’t a waste of time to read.  They filled in information that we didn’t have, didn’t “need”, but it definitely added to the story.  While I didn’t list them on my original November is for Novellas Challenge post, it was definitely a good time to read them.  Plus, I ended up choosing them because I finished my book I reviewed yesterday, The Living, as I was waiting for the Fierce Reads Event, and the Monument 14 series is a Fierce Reads series.  Again, like the last two e-novellas I reviewed, these were both short, and they go together, so I’m reviewing them together.

This is a good “review” of what led to the development of the disease that breaks out in the first Monument 14 book.  Disease, or should I say the gas that causes the problems.  It’s a look at the military scientists who developed it for a weapon, and how they demonstrated it for their superiors.  And honestly, since I already knew how the gas affected each of the blood types, this was still a really detailed look at the reactions in a controlled environment.  Even knowing that there was a way they could “stop” the effects, something of course had to go wrong, and it ended up as even more horrifying than it was supposed to be in this “controlled” demonstration.  Quick read, if you like the series, read this.
Now Jake is a character you don’t like much in the first book, at least I didn’t.  And so he left to try to find help basically.  Well, in this short story he returns to his previous personality in that he gets so freaked out by what he sees and thinking of the responsibility he’ll have when he gets back that he takes off.  He drops the video camera and takes off.  While he has been out, he’s been thinking back to life before that fateful day.  He was known as basically the horniest guy at school.  In fact there was a girl that he used to go visit for lunch all the time just to have sex with her.  And he brought her chocolate every time.  So he takes a Snickers bar and goes to her house to see if she is still there and if she is still alive.  She is, but her father is still there, and his blood type is O, the kind that turns into a dangerous monster.  A pretty short story, again, I’ll let you read it yourself to find out more about what happens.
In conclusion, these stories did add to the original series, unlike the ones I read earlier this week.  Definitely worth the read this time, no doubt about it.  Now we just have to wait for the next book.
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