Darker Still (Magic Most Foul #1) by Leanna Renee Hieber

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I got a free copy of this book last summer at BEA, when I also got to meet the author.  I’d been interested in this book for a while even before that as it sounded very interesting, and was a new type of story compared to what was out there.  And of course, what a beautiful cover!
The main character is Natalie Stewart.  Natalie has been mute since her mother died when she was a young girl.  There is no reason she can’t talk, she just doesn’t.  Her father has decided to go ahead and bring her home from a school for the handicapped, where she really doesn’t fit in, as there is no medical reason for her not to be able to talk.  Once home there is a painting of a Lord Denbury that there seems to be some mystery over, and it is coming to the museum where her father works, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  After hearing the story about it, and seeing the picture of the painting, Natalie is drawn to him, and asks her father for a job at the museum.  He finds one for her, working with paperwork and sketching, etc.  She meets Mrs. Northe, who is really considering buying it.  In the end, she does, and donates it to the museum for safe keeping.  Only Mrs. Northe is a bit more than she seems.  She knows about psychic things, and sees that there is something going on between Natalie and the painting.  The first time Natalie is alone with the painting, something changes in it, and Natalie is not the only one who notices.  There also seems as if Lord Denbury, who is thought to have committed suicide, has an identical twin in NYC.  Although, not quite identical, he has very evil looking eyes, and is not the gentleman you would expect the Lord to be.  Once Natalie gets involved in the whole scenario, which includes a trip into the painting itself to actually meet the Lord, and fall in love with him, she soon must put her life on the line to try to save other women, as it seems there is evil surrounding the painting.  And if she can solve this mystery, and somehow reverse the curse, maybe she can bring Lord Denbury out of the painting, and they may have a chance together if that can happen.
A fun mystery story.  I loved hearing about the places in NYC, as I’ve been to the city, and now am always curious when I hear about certain places.  Definitely a fun, different type of paranormal romance.  I’ll be sure to continue the series as time permits!  Also, here is the picture of me with the author:

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