Feature and Follow Friday 2013 #2

Posted February 22, 2013 by Lisa Mandina in / 18 Comments

Wow, only the 2nd time I’ve done this in 2013!!  I guess that’s once a month, but I really like to participate in this more!  So, new goal, try to do this weekly!  This time of year is so crazy with school, but having a snow day yesterday and today has really helped!  Feature and Follow Friday is sponsored by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.  The purpose of this event is to learn about the two featured bloggers each week, as well as to increase your own blog following by joining in on the fun!  Here is this week’s question:

We always talk about books that WE want. Let’s turn it on its head. What books have you given other people lately?

Well, this is a hard one.  I don’t have a lot of people that I share books with.  Other than students at school and my friend Kim, and occasionally my sister Sarah.  But I’ll talk about some students I’ve given books to I guess.  I’ve really been promoting some books that are going to be on the state award nominee list for next school year, not just because they’re going to be on that list, but because I really enjoyed them.  Those books I’ve really been promoting are:  The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson, Legend by Marie Lu, and Variant by Robison Wells.  I’m trying to get my sister to read Beautiful Creatures and City of Bones, since they’re coming out in movies and I think she’d really like them.
So, what books have you shared lately?
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18 responses to “Feature and Follow Friday 2013 #2

  1. I told my cousin that I was going to read all the YA books being adapted into movies this year…but, alas, I didn't. BUT SHE DID. She's read both Beautiful Creatures and Warm Bodies BECAUSE they're movies. (I saw both movies. They're awesome. <3 Nick Hoult).

    Next on our/her list: The Host

    Thanks for stopping by my FF. Here's a blog post I did on YA BOOKS TO FILMS adaptations

    • I liked both movies as well. And I love Nick Hoult's eyes!!!! I hadn't read WArm Bodies yet, but I bought the book and will read soon. I've learned that unless it is something I've already read, I sometimes try to read the book after the movie so I can enjoy the movie without worrying over what they've ruined from the book. The Host is okay. I should probably read it again before the movie, but I doubt I will.

  2. I need to get on with reading Beautiful Creatures and TMI series, I've just always been apprehensive about reading those two since you either hate it or love it, and I've seen a few hate reviews.

    Oh but I LOVED Legend! Day is the first male character that I adore who has long hair =P . (Don't really like long hair on guys :/ )

    Do drop by my FF. =) New follower via GFC

    • I'm ready to read the 2nd in the Beautiful Creatures series, although one of my friends didn't like it as much as the first one. I like the TMI series, but can't get into the Clockwork series really. And I sooooo loved Legend!! Didn't really pay attention to the long hair with him, but I agree, I don't usually like that. WHich is kind of why the Jace in the movie City of Bones doesn't quite look like I pictured him, plus really way too skinny for my taste too. So we'll see how that goes. I'll be sure to check out your FF and return the follow!!

    • Agreed, I don't know if my students have enjoyed it as much as I did. But it is on our state nominee list for next year, so I'm hoping they will. Glad you've started a blog!! Can't wait to continue reading your blog!

    • I do love Maureen Johnson! I loved Suite Scarlett! I follow her on Twitter and she so seems like the kind of person that would be so much fun to hang out with in real life! I met her at BEA last year and she was so nice. Thanks for stopping by, I'll be sure to visit your FF and return the follow!

    • Thanks for the compliment! I'm enjoying my snow days right now, but I'll be ready for it to go back to our normal crazy Missouri weather soon. Thanks for returning the follow.

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