Month: December 2012

2012 Gift Card Giveaway Hop

2012 Gift Card Giveaway Hop

Posted December 10, 2012 by Lisa Mandina in / 3 Comments

I am excited to be participating in this Hop that is being sponsored by Kathy at I Am A Reader Not a Writer and Mary from Sweeping Me.  And I can help out the store where I have a part time job by purchasing a gift card from them.  And that leads into what you […]

Frozen by Mary Casanova

Frozen by Mary Casanova

Posted December 10, 2012 by Lisa Mandina in / 0 Comments

I can’t believe it took me so long to get to this.  It was one that I had hoped to pick up at BEA, but didn’t.  And then, a publicist from University of Minnesota Press contacted me when I mentioned on my blog that I didn’t get it, and offered to send me a copy. […]

Splintered by A.G. Howard

Splintered by A.G. Howard

Posted December 9, 2012 by Lisa Mandina in / 16 Comments

The first thing I HAVE to say about this book is that I LOVED it!!!!  Such a creative, engrossing, awesome story!  I’m not the biggest Alice in Wonderland fan, and don’t hate me, but I’m not really that big of a Tim Burton fan, so I never saw the new movie.  I read the book, […]

2013 Truman Possibilities 22-25:  The ones I didn’t get to.

2013 Truman Possibilities 22-2..

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I am a little disappointed in myself for not getting all 25 books read this time.  I mean one year I read 50, because I ended up getting asked to read for both Truman nominees and Mark Twain nominees.  But this year, with doing my September is for Sequels Challenge, that put me a bit […]

2013 Truman Possibility 21:  Without Tess by Marcella Pixley

2013 Truman Possibility 21: W..

Posted December 7, 2012 by Lisa Mandina in / 2 Comments

This is the last of the 25 books for the possible Truman nominee list that I was able to actually read before the deadline this past Monday.  And actually, I didn’t even finish it in time to rate it.  But I was halfway through, and needed to see where it went, so I finished it. […]

Broken by A.E. Rought

Broken by A.E. Rought

Posted December 4, 2012 by Lisa Mandina in / 0 Comments

I was really excited to get this e-galley from Angry Robot books, I think Strange Chemistry is the specific publisher, through NetGalley. Although, I got this before the big change on NetGalley, and now I’m unable to find this book to go post my review for the publisher.  Fortunately, kind of, I had to actually […]

2013 Truman Possibility 20:  Everything I was by Corinne Demas

2013 Truman Possibility 20: E..

Posted December 4, 2012 by Lisa Mandina in / 2 Comments

A short, quick read.  But, while the story was pretty good, it was pretty forgettable.  Whenever I would go back to read it, I couldn’t remember at first what it was even about.  And I also have to say that the cover doesn’t fit it in my opinion.  The girl peeking over the top of […]

2013 Truman Possibility 19:  Tunnel Vision by Susan Shaw

2013 Truman Possibility 19: T..

Posted December 1, 2012 by Lisa Mandina in / 0 Comments

I’m not a huge fan of this book.  It was kind of an interesting story.  It’s about a girl, Liza, who is walking home from school one day, when all of a sudden her mother is shot.  She passed some guys in a tunnel on her way home, but she didn’t really look at them, […]