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Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, where we spotlight upcoming releases that we’re eagerly awaiting.

And, I thought I’d wrap up all my BEA stuff by listing the books that I listed before BEA that I wanted to get, that I didn’t end up coming home with. Next week I’ll hopefully get back to the “normal” Waiting on Wednesday post.  So, here we go!

1.  I was unable to get the Bill Amend book, I did get a poster signed by him, but they’d run out of the books by the time I got there. I’m guessing they didn’t bring very many, as the line didn’t seem to be quite that long, and he didn’t have any left for the 2nd signing!
2.  I didn’t get any of the books listed from 2-7 on my list:  Feed, Cursed, Ursula’s Prism (never even saw this one, and so wanted it!), The Darkest Minds, Ten Tiny Toes (although I did get another book autographed by the illustrator!), and Gift (think I saw it, but forgot it was one I wanted!!).
3.  I almost would have had to list Frozen by Mary Casanova, but someone from her publisher saw me post about it and sent me a message asking if I wanted it, and I got it on Monday!  
4.  Since I hadn’t read the first one, and really was only getting it for a giveaway, I’m not too disappointed that I didn’t get Open Heart (Farsighted #2).  
5.  While I did get to meet Ally Condie and get her autograph, it was on Matched, which I did already have a copy of.  Reached is not being published for so long, that they didn’t have it ready to hand out, and I guess Crossed is soon to be released as paperback, so they couldn’t give us those, and didn’t want to do hardcovers.  Which is disappointing since that is the one in the series that is out that I don’t have a copy of yet!  Oh well.  Still waiting for the 3rd one!
6.  I saw Skinny, but was unable to get over and grab it.  I didn’t see The Great Unexpected, so didn’t get it either.  
7.  One I wanted really bad was Breathe by Sarah Crossan, but I was unable to get a copy of it.  I think I wasn’t able to get in line because of another line that I chose over that one.
8.  I didn’t get in line to see James Dashner because I thought he was just there for The Infinity Ring.  But then I heard later he gave out some short preview chapters of The Kill Order at another signing, and wanted to smack myself for not going to see him!!
9.  Since A Fractured Light was only going to be for a giveaway since I hadn’t read the first one yet, I’m not too disappointed about not getting it.
10.  Unfortunately there were no copies available yet of Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick.  We did get to see what the cover would look like, and did get a copy of Hush, Hush autographed, as well as a really cool t-shirt!  And there were two hunky guys shirtless but wearing black angel wings walking around.  
11.  I also hadn’t read the series, but really wanted to start it, Truancy City, but when I got in what I thought that line was, it was a different author, one I had heard of, so I stayed and got an autograph, and never saw if this author was anywhere else.
12.  Numbers 25-27 on my list were all for giveaways, so I guess not that big of a deal that I didn’t get them:  Glass Heart, Hunter Moran Saves the Universe, and Invisible Sun.
13.  Now I was right in that while Tessa Gratton was there, she was there to promote The Curiosities with Maggie Stiefvater and Brenna Yovanoff, and not The Blood Keeper.  Although she did let me know there was a way I could get a copy of The Blood Keeper!
14.  Another one I wanted really bad was Masque of the Red Death, and I didn’t get that one, was unable to get in that line, again because I chose other lines not realizing how bad some lines would get.  I also really, really, really, really wanted to get Insurgent, and I’m not positive, but I think these were both in that same line that I wasn’t able to make it before they ran out of tickets.  I think another in that line was Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone.
15.  I think I saw The Geomancer’s Compass, but decided to pass it by as I’d found so many other books that day by the time I came across it.
16.  Since I’d already met James Howe before, and the book Otter and Odder wasn’t really one I cared to have, I once again decided to skip this line for another one.  Another line I skipped to make sure I hit the main ones was for The Blessed.  
17.  I was hoping to get Prodigy, the 2nd book in the Legend series by Marie Lu, even though I hadn’t read the first, but I wanted to!  I didn’t get the 2nd one, but did get a copy of Legend, so now I can read it, and decide if I will read on to Prodigy when it comes out.
18.  I think that I saw Throne of Glass but passed it up, again it might have been the end of the day when my bags were really full and I just didn’t know for sure if it was a top choice.
19.  I didn’t get Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry, but I’m okay with that because I did get the 2nd book in the series which I haven’t read yet!  And I did learn from him that he did free Skype visits with schools.  If I could just get a library job, I would so have him do one for my school!  With Rot & Ruin being one of the state nominees, it would definitely be really cool!
20.  I never got to see Melissa Marr either, so no Carnival of Souls.  And the line for Ten by Gretchen McNeil was another one so big, I skipped it to go see an author I had already read their book and knew I wanted to meet for sure.  I do still think Ten sounds really good though!  Since I hadn’t read the Angelfire Series by Courtney Allison Moulton anyway, I wasn’t too upset to not get a copy of Wings of the Wicked.  
21.  It was very exciting to get to see Walter Dean Myers speak at the Children’s book breakfast, but I was unable to see him and get an autograph at any point during BEA, so I didn’t get a copy of All the Right Stuff.  I really wanted a copy of Unravelling, but I think the line was really long for that too.  Promised (Birthmarked #3) was really for a friend of mine, and I really wish I could have gotten it, but it was one I didn’t even know where to get, never saw it. I also skipped out of waiting for Jane O’Conner’s Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth as I don’t know if my cousin’s daughter would want that anymore.  Lauren Oliver was another author I really wanted to meet, but her book The Spindlers just didn’t sounds like one I wanted to read, so I skipped her line.  Another really long line I had to skip was for Jackson Pearce’s Fathomless.  I think the Ridley Pearson line was really long too, and maybe even ticketed, but I would have loved to see him for the new Kingdom Keepers V.  Didn’t even try for Destined since I hadn’t read any of the rest of the series, although I did see it.  The Turning is another one I passed over, forgetting it was on my list!!  
22.  I really wanted to get Cirque de Ole, a new SkippyJon Jones book for my niece Hadley, but I was unable to get in that line without missing some others I wanted.  
23.  I missed out on Shine, but as I hadn’t read the series, and it would have been a giveaway, no biggie.  I also didn’t get any books by Maria V. Snyder, and there were two I would have liked:  Inside and Touch of Power.  I also really wanted Nightwatcher by Wendi Corsi Staub, but never saw her either.  
24.  I did walk by where R.L. Stine was signing and see him and take a picture of him, but I didn’t get in line to get a copy of Red Rain.  I did not get Soul Screamers Vol. #1, but that’s okay because I already have it, and I did get Before I Wake which is a book later in the series that I don’t have!!  
25.  I did not get Partials by Dan Wells, one I did really want.  I did not get Feedback (Variant #2) by Robison Wells either.  I didn’t get Elementals, don’t remember even seeing it.  I think I saw Wacko Academy, but decided not to jump into the crazy mess of people grabbing at that booth.  
26.  And finally, I think the Kat Zhang line was a really long one that I missed out on too, so I didn’t get What’s Left of Me.

Reading back through that it looks like I didn’t get very many things that I wanted, but I did get a ton of cool stuff.  Stuff that I didn’t even know would be there.  While I missed out on things on my list, I got so many others I didn’t know but did want, or hadn’t even heard of yet, that it totally made up for it.  The others, well, I guess I’ll just be watching my fellow bloggers who went to BEA’s blogs for giveaways of them.  🙂  
Did you go to BEA?  Did you get all the books you wanted there?

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