Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan

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Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan

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I remember when I first saw this book, I believe it was around the same time as when The Eternal Ones came out, and at first I thought this was another reincarnation novel, and I was intrigued. But I picked it up and read that it was about “immortals” as you might guess from the title. I thought, oh no, another vampire book, and set it back down. When the Borders store closest to me was getting ready to close this past spring, I ran in and found this hardcover book there for like $4, and so I grabbed it and brought it home. I picked it up to read 2 days ago, and I was hooked!

The main character is Nastaya, or Nasty for short. (Which, I kinda hate that nickname, sorry.) But that’s not her real name, she is about 460 years old, and has had many name changes because of the times changing, as well as many different passports when needed. We begin the story with her as she’s lived for a long time, with her gang of immortal friends, out being crazy, drinking, partying, etc. She does this to keep her mind from remembering all the bad things that have happened in her life. Well, this night, her best friend Innocencio, or Incy for short, uses magick to hurt a cab driver, hurt really bad. Nastaya has never been a fan of magick as it always makes her sick afterwards, and she’s really not a fan of using it for dark purposes like this. The next morning she wakes up still freaked out and decides she has to get away and figure out what she wants. She remembers another immortal she met years ago who told her she didn’t have to live that way and if she ever wanted help, told her where she lived so she could come get help. And that’s where she goes. But part of it is trying to get away from her friends for a break from them. And so she tells her doorman somewhere else, and then she goes to America to see this immortal named River. River’s place is a small farm that actually is pretty old fashioned. Along with classes, they do manual labor and all share chores. Their classes consist of learning to use magick and their powers. When Nastaya gets there, of course she at first doesn’t think she’ll stay, as she’s used to a life of excess. And there is a REALLY hot guy there, who is also really a jerk to her. While there she starts having visions, and realizes that there are some reminders she must face from the beginning of her life.

Okay, enough summary. More of my opinion. I seriously LOVED this book. Did I already say that? I love what these immortals “are”. I love the new story. These immortals aren’t vampires, they’re just humans who live a really, really, really long time. They can be killed, but it is really hard to do. They are only born to two immortals. And when they reach their teen years, their “aging” slows down, and they tend to stay teens to 20 year old looking for a long time. And so I guess because they look like this might be why this was considered a teen book. BUT! I actually didn’t feel at all as if I was reading a teen book, not that teen books are bad, as you know if you follow me, I read a LOT of them. But I really feel as if this was an adult science fiction book. Yeah, she looks like a teen, BUT, she’s lived a LONG time. And all of them have, and their conversations and what they do are totally people who are adults. Again, not that teens can’t read adult fiction, but just not sure why this is classified as it is. I don’t care where they put it in the bookstore though, I just can’t wait for part two to come out, and I think I have to wait till 2012! Yikes!

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3 responses to “Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan

  1. LOL you're so right! I feel bad for anyone who has the nickname "Nasty"! x)

    But other than that, it sounds so good! There have been a bunch of reincarnation novels lately but I have high hopes for this one, considering how much you loved it. I'm definitely going to add this book to my TBR pile! 🙂

    Awesome review, Lisa!

  2. I don't like the nickname Nasty either. That's horrible. I see you are reading The Help. I can't wait to see your review for it.

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