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Just joined Book Blogs, and right away met a really neat blogger who gave me this award. The blog is titled “A Three Way Tie” and you should really go over and follow her as well! Along with this I’m supposed to name 7 random facts about myself, and then nominate 15 more blogs. I will have a hard time just picking 15 as I am currently following so many awesome blogs. And I know a few of them no longer accept awards, so I’m hoping the ones I pick are okay with getting this.

1. I love dachshunds. I can’t imagine ever not having one. I love all puppies and dogs, but if I see a dachshund, I just can’t help myself with wanting to go pet it and talk to the owner.

2. Have you seen the movie Good Luck Chuck? In a nonsexual way, I embody that character. Every guy I get a crush on seems to immediately find the perfect woman for them shortly after my crush really gets going.

3. To me, authors are like rock stars. I currently have a kind of fun goal for the year to try to meet a total of 12 authors, one per month. I’m currently 2 behind as I’ve only met 4 so far this year, but 4 awesome ones! I will be meeting an author/reality tv star on Monday though, so that will get me a bit closer to my goal.

4. Wow, random facts are hard to come up with. Let’s see, I am a very loyal person. If I support a show, a team, a school, etc., I will always be loyal to them. It takes a lot to get me to break away. I’ve stuck with American Idol up until this year, I miss Simon.

5. I record and watch The Young and the Restless soap opera every day.

6. I’m obsessed with certain tv shows and book series/movies. Love The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight, and Harry Potter.

7. And, finally, I am a huge Kevin Smith fan, which is funny, because I used to think swearing in movies was so unnecessary, and I’m so opposed to drugs. But the characters in his movies just crack me up.

Alright, here are the 15 blogs I chose to pass my award on to:

1. Charlotte’s Web of Books(
2. It’s Like a Whirlwind(
4. A Cupcake and a Latte(
5. Bloggin’ ‘Bout Books (
6. Books, Sweets, and Other Treats(
7. That Bookish Girl(
8. Sophistikatied Reviews(
9. Curling Up by the Fire(
10. Ex Libris(
11. I Live in a Fictional World(
12. Just One More Chapter…(
13. Crazy For Books(
14. My Book Addiction(
15. A Corner of my Bookshelf(

All of these blogs have great reviews, some have contests or memes to do as well. I hope my followers will check any of these out that they don’t already follow. Congratulations to the blogs nominated!

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