Falling in Love With English Boys by Melissa Jensen

Posted May 31, 2011 by Lisa Mandina in / 0 Comments

Believe it or not, as much as I enjoy chick lit, I normally don’t get into teen “romance” novels anymore. What I prefer in chick lit is that I feel a connection or similarity to the main character, in other words, she can’t be married or divorced or have children, as I have or am none of those things. And as I am not a teen, I usually don’t get into their romance. (Don’t bug me about Twilight, I know it’s a teen romance, and I love it because Bella reminds me of myself!)

Anyway, I got this as a stripped copy from the bookstore. I picked it up because I too enjoy a good British accent, I prefer an Irish one, but British is good too. This story also has a diary in it, reminds me a bit of another book I read recently, Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly, only not as serious. Our main character is Cat, and she has had to travel with her mom, or (s)mother as she calls her, to England so her mother can work at the British Museum on an author named Mary Percival. Apparently Mary had a daughter named Katherine, same name, just with a K, and Cat’s mom gives her Katherine’s diary to read. The diary is a fun read and look into the past, back into days of going to parties, and the time of going to war with Napoleon. While she is there, there is of course a cute British boy that Cat meets, and of course develops a crush on. Issues arise as you would expect, and so therein lies the romance.

I also found it amusing that the character wants to run into Prince William and hook up with him, as this prince just got married and is no longer on the market.

A fun, humorous read that I really got into. I tried to just keep it for reading during bubble baths, but I really got caught up in the story and ended up finishing it in bed one last week, well last week depending on when blogger lets me publish this post.
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