The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

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This is the sequel to The Maze Runner, that I read as an ARC a while back. So, there will be some spoilers if you have not yet read The Maze Runner.

Anyway, in this book, all the Gladers, as they call themselves are in the dorms where their rescuers have taken them. Our main character, Thomas, and the rest, wake up the next day to find out that it was all a trick, another test. They must still pass tests by WICKED in order to stay alive. They find out they have been infected with the virus, and that WICKED can cure them if they pass the test. The group of girls in another maze have also been set loose to try and get to the cure. They are told these tests will be worse than what they experienced in the maze. And it is crazy. They get out into the world where as they had been told, sun flares have really changed the Earth. There are violent lightning storms in a desert that are deadly. There are people with the virus that will kill as they go crazy, or just to protect their own supplies. Thomas and his group meet up with some of them, and agree to take them to the cure. Now, the group before they left also found tattoos on them that said things like “leader” or in Thomas’s case, to be killed by Group B. Teresa, Thomas’s friend that he can talk telepathically with, her tatto says “betrayer”. And she soon lives up to that, or so we think. Thomas continues to have memories/dreams of all this going on before, and that he had a part in setting it all up.

We leave off with another huge cliffhanger, and so I don’t know if this is going to be a trilogy or a series, but I really need to know what happens next. So a good read, if a bit disjoined and back and forth at times, you just don’t really know where all this stands, and who is good, and who is bad. Is WICKED good, as Teresa keeps trying to get across?
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