Room for Love by Andrea Meyer

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Can’t remember why I ordered this book into the store. But the plot of it sounded pretty good. The main character, Jacquie, is a writer for a film magazine, and also of course looking for love. She gets the idea to meet guys by answering their ads for roommates in the want ads. And decides to write an article about all the guys she meets and which ones ask her out, etc. The idea is that you can learn so much about a guy by seeing how he lives. Now Jacquie has her own apartment that she owns. So when she actually meets a guy that she falls in love with, she must lie about her own place, and move in with him. Will he understand when the article comes out? Or is Mr. Perfect really the one for her?

There were many parts in this that I bookmarked, so I’m going to point those out next. I do have to say that she had a guy that worked at the hardware store by her place, and he had a dog, and at the first I thought he was the guy she should end up with. But when I pictured him, I pictured the guy Lynn Kegan, who is a HGTV hunk. But anyway, let me tell you about the parts that I really connected with.

  1. First thing I loved is at the beginning when she talks about playing the MASH game. I totally loved that game! Still play it occasionally when I get bored in meetings. 🙂
  2. Later she talks about when she is lugging tons of bags home she curses the guy she hasn’t met yet who should be helping her lug it. I feel the same, kind of. I think a lot about how I better just learn to carry stuff by myself, because there may never be a guy to help me with that. This is first also where we meet the hot hardward store guy.
  3. 2 pages later she says she wonders if she jinxed herself by buying an apartment before she had someone to share it with. I wonder the same thing. I know it is a good financial thing to buy your house, but did I jinx myself out of meeting someone by buying my house first?
  4. Another way that she is just like me is that she has always lulled herself to sleep with fairy tale love stories she made up in her head. I do that ALL the time. In fact, not always lulling myself to sleep. Often when I’m bored at work, or driving in the car, I’m creating my fantasy in my head. Be it meeting David Cook and having him fall in love with me, to creating ways to maybe find out that guys in my actual real life are interested in me and they come forward and tell me.
  5. One of the guys she goes to check out his apartment is really hot in a preppy way. Yet he doesn’t ask her out. And she wonders the same as I do. Why is those guys never seem interested in her/me?
  6. When she says she’s annoyed that her thirties are no different from her twenties. Kind of feels the same for me. Alone then, alone now. Maybe less men even kind of interested now would be a difference.
  7. Just a small thing, but she mentions Kevin Smith! I love Kevin Smith!
  8. Not to give anything away. But her apartment catches on fire at the end, and I laughed at the part where they are talking about what things she probably lost in the fire, and her sister asks what does she think happens to vibrators when they burn.

Anyway, it was a fun book. I’m also in the middle of reading a biography of the actress who played Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie, and it is really good so far. Can’t wait to write a review of it.

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