The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – an Eclipse novella – by Stephenie Meyer

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Of course I had to read this novella set in the world of the Eclipse novel of the Twilight series. And of course I was done in less than 24 hours. I would have had it read before I went to bed that Saturday night, but I had to get up early the next morning, so I finished it Sunday afternoon.

Bree Tanner is the vampire we meet at the end of Eclipse. She was part of Victoria’s army created to come and help Victoria kill both Bella and Edward if possible. As we know from Eclipse, Bree is the only one who survives this fight, because she surrenders. In this novella about her second life, we learn probably why this happens. Bree learns before the rest of the vampire army that just because they are vampires, they won’t burn up in the sun. She makes a friend, maybe more, named Diego, and they kind of figure out that Riley, their leader, isn’t quite truthful. They are all afraid of the vampire who made them, HER, and they don’t know her name. We know this is because Victoria didn’t want Alice to be able to pick up her plans, or Edward. Bree has another friend, Fred, who has this power to make people get so disgusted when they are around him that they just avoid him, and sometimes even forget he is there. He helps Bree deal with the other newborns, who as we’ve learned from Jasper are as violent as possible, and this helps both of them stay alive.

You feel a bit for Bree, as she has hoped that by surrendering she can at least meet again with Fred. We know from Eclipse though, that the Volturi will take care of her, and she won’t get this chance.

It was an interesting read, but as what makes the Twilight series is the Edward/Bella/Jacob triangle and relationships, it isn’t quite what those of us who are Twilight fans want. We only see Edward and Bella at the very end, and not really much to know about them. But it was still worth reading. And as the Eclipse movie is about to come out, I wonder how much of this vamp army story Stephenie gave the movie makers so that they could include in the movie.
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