Velvet Rope Diaries by Daniella Brodsky

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The latest in my chick lit books kept in my bedroom bathroom so I could read during bubble baths. This was a fun read. Anna is the main character, she is working as a secretary/assistant for a horrible boss that she calls Miss Nasty Jackson. She gets fired when she creates a power point talking about all the plastic surgery her boss has had and the gossip column reporter at the paper gets ahold of it, and publishes a lot of the info from it. You think, who cares about a reporter for a gossip column, but it turns out she’s dating a big star. But, when she gets fired, she also gets rehired writing a column about New York City nightlife.

AT first she can’t seem to get a lead on where to start to find the “new” unfound hip spots. She gets a tip from a woman at a spa, who becomes a friend. But when she goes to this spot, she isn’t let in because she has on last year’s Marc Jacobs sandals. She gets upset because she gets humiliated by the bouncer about this, and ends up sneaking around and finding a back door to go in. The dark room she ends up in has another occupant, a sexy stranger, who soon becomes her boyfriend, and turns out to be the brother of her new friend who gave her this tip.

Now of course, she has back issues. When she was a young girl, her father died in a house fire, and she feels like she is guilty, that she could have saved him. So we see her going through therapy for this. She also lives with a guy who is her best friend, Ray. It soon becomes evident, that he might think of her more than a friend, and so now she has this great guy she’s just met, and must choose between him, and possibly ruining a friendship to try dating her best friend.

There were some pages I marked in the book that I want to share, and here they are:

When she talks about how it’s been a long time since she’s kissed a guy, she talks about wondering if she’ll remember how to do it. I feel this way, only it’s been MUCH longer for me.

There’s a part where they’re talking about Weight Watchers magazine, and it is really irritating to me, because her boss, Miss Nasty talks about how it is overweight women who love to sit at home and read, because they’re too humiliated to go out looking like that. HOW RUDE!@!

And finally, this book makes me really want a perm. I hate my straight/frizzy hair, and really wish I could get a perm, a loose one that is available these days. Not one of those godawful ones I had back in grade school and high school.
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