Under the Dome by Stephen King

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Finally finished all 1074 pages of this huge novel. Really, it’s actually about the size of another Stephen King novel, It, my favorite King novel of all time. It’s longer than Breaking Dawn, or any of the Harry Potter novels as well. It was good once I got into it, and it isn’t that it was hard to read that took me so long, just that it was so hard to hold! As I got halfway through I got to the point where I wanted to be reading it during commercials and not just at the table when I was eating. I even brought it to school one day this past week to read during my lunch break. The story was really good, and I didn’t think that the early on hints that it was aliens would actually be what it turned out to be. I kinda thought maybe the “Chef” guy who ran the huge secretly town funded meth lab would be some kind of inventor who created that. And the thing about a Stephen King book is that every time you think, finally a break for the good guys, nope, there’s a bad guy/thing there ready to spoil it and close that door. You just keep going and going and the last 400 pages are like htat over and over it seems.

So, I definitely recommend this. It reminds me a bit of one of his other alien books, what is the name of it, um, The Tommyknockers. Just because of the whole alien bit. I liked all the attention to what would happen inside the dome from no fresh air, or water, and the pollution and all that. Anyway, if you like Stephen King, go ahead and jump into this huge tome. It’ll be worth it.

Now, a note, at my Weight Watchers meeting yesterday morning, our leader talked about seeing Julie and Julia and how she decided to do something similar and cook all the way through a WW cookbook. I’m thinking of doing something similar. But I will only cook the things I want to eat. If I do it, I’ll just go straight through the book and cook what I’d actually eat. So I’ll let you know when I get started with that, and maybe blog about that too. Right now I’m at a point where even though I have tons of books that I haven’t read, sitting waiting to be picked up, when I go to decided what to read next, I have trouble finding anything I think I want to read for sure. What I’ve picked to read have all turned out good, it was sometimes just getting started.
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