Month: October 2009

Book Review 27: The Missing B..

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I think we have another great series along the line of the Shadow Children series by Haddix as well. The kids in this series are all adopted, there are 36 of them. The book starts out with a plane showing up at a gate at the airport with no one on it other than these […]

Book Review 26: The Seer of S..

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So, I’m now officially immersed in the Mark Twain possible nominees for 2010-2011 as I’ve finished my first book. The Seer of Shadows sounded like a really good book, it’s about ghosts, and picking them up with photography. The book was okay, not as good as I was hoping, but still pretty good. The main […]

Book Review 25: On Beale Stre..

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I wasn’t too sure about this book, but once again I was pleasantly surprised. This is a fictional tale about the time when Elvis was first starting out. It is told by a fictional narrator named Johnny Ross. We get to see the racial tension of the time, as well as learn about how the […]

Book Review 24: Antsy Does Ti..

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I just have to say, wow, I was wrong about this. This was a really good book. So cute, and made me laugh out loud many, many times throughout the book. Antsy, nickname for Anthony, has a friend named Gunnar who he finds out is dying from Pulmonary Monoxic Systemia. Antsy doesn’t know what he […]