Month: October 2009

Book Review 37: The Sherlock ..

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Cute, short book. I love the main characters’ names, Xena and Xander. I always thought if I ever had a boy, if he wasn’t a “Junior” of his father, I’d want to name him Xander, of course I now like the name Cullen too. Both my names are from my favorite vampire series, Xander from […]

Book Review 36: The Totally M..

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I really enjoyed this one. The main character is Amanda MacLeish, and her school does thematic units where all the classes are doing something about the theme, in this case it is the Civil War. There was a time when middle school teams were supposed to do this, and lately, we’ve gotten so far away […]

Book Review 35: Dodger and Me..

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The cover of this book is so not interesting to me. And the premise, and it didn’t start out very good either. However, I had read a book by this author before that I did really enjoy, and as I got into this, it got better. The main character is Willie, his best friend moved […]

Book Review 34: The Mysteriou..

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This was a pretty good book. Of course it’s about a school that is very prestigious, and all the students are nice, smart, and very hardworking. Franny’s younger sister Zoe, is actually the one the school wants, she’s recruited by a famous politician, the first female secretary of state supposedly, in fact. But Zoe won’t […]

Book Review 33: Hard Gold by ..

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This is in a series of children’s books called I Witness. I looked on the Internet, and other than the book I read last year by Avi called Iron Thunder, I haven’t seen what other books are part of this series, or if there are any other authors. But like Iron Thunder, this had lots […]

Book Review 32: Greetings fro..

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This was a sweet, endearing book. The main characters lives all came together at a motel by chance. Aggie, an old lady who owns the motel, but is running out of money to pay for it, so puts it up for sell. Willow, a girl whose mother has just left her and her father, and […]

Book Review 31: Go Big or Go ..

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So as I mentioned at the end of my last blog, this one started out with a good hook, a meteorite crashed through the roof of the main character Brady Steele’s house. I assumed, this was just a hook, didn’t know it was actually going to turn what I thought would just be a boys […]

Book Review 30: Love Me Tende..

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The storyline of this book was just two girls and their mom, who go to visit their grandma after a cryptic call from their aunt and their father has just left to compete in an Elvis impersonator contest in Vegas. But really, it’s just a good family story. But that isn’t what I really enjoyed […]

Book Review 29: Don’t T..

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I’m not sure if it’s because I read the Truman list before these, but I’m feeling that some of these are so low reading level. I realize that Mark Twain list is for grades 4-6, but wow. This was a good story idea, but so low reading level. I mean, I look at the winner’s […]

Book Review 28: Cicada Summer..

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Not a big fan of this book. It was okay, but not the best in my opinion. The main character Lily, has no mother, and her brother died in a carbon monoxide accident as well. Since her brother died, Lily has quit talking, making herself invisible basically. Soon a new girl named Tinny moves into […]