Month: September 2009

Book Review 13: My FatherR..

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This was a pretty good mystery with a kind of twist ending. Wasn’t sure about it, but overall I liked it. Kevin Windor’s parents are divorced. He spends weekends at his dad’s house playing video games and just hanging out. Not that his dad doesn’t have expectations for him as well. His dad is considered […]

Book Review 12: The Otherworl..

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Now, let me start off by saying that this was a good enough book. Whenever I picked it up, it was hard to put down, but it did have some issues, or at least it did for me. First, the cover, the main character is supposed to be only 12 years old, but the girl […]

Book Review 11: Jump the Crac..

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So, I’m now over a fifth of the way through the books I’ve got to read by December 1st. yay!! This book was not too bad. The main character is Victoria, her parents are divorced, happened soon after 9/11. Her dad lives in New York city, so she has to take the train to go […]

Book Review 10: Shift by Jenn..

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I must admit once again I was not expecting to be thrilled by my latest book on the list. And once again I was wrong. In fact, I really, really, really liked this one. I think it would make a good movie. In fact, at the end when the main character, Chris, is watching a […]

Book Review 9: The Adoration ..

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Once again, a book I wasn’t sure about. I remember someone I’m friends with on putting this on their to-read list, and at the time I thought it sounded good. But when I picked it up to read for this list, I wasn’t sure. It was about a girl named Jenna Fox who wakes […]

Book Review 8: Hershey Hersel..

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I tend to prefer more fantasy or sci fi books. So I wasn’t really looking forward to a more “realistic” book. But as I think back now, many of my favorite books as a kid were realistic books: Harriet the Spy, A Summer to Die, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. […]

Book Review 7: Voss: How I C..

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This book was one I actually am not a huge fan of. The story was only a little okay. It was told with bad spelling, to make you “hear” the main characters Slobovian accent. Voss came to America smuggled in with Cheese Puffs. He gets there, looks for a job, which first he finds, then […]

Book Review 6: The Other Side..

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I’m not quite sure about this one. It was an interesting read at least. I tend to enjoy books that are set in the “near” future supposedly and have political or social commentary. Reminds me of the Giver. In this, I take it to mean that Global Warming has occurred and all the polar ice […]